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Are Penis Extenders Useful for Gay Men?

By Reggie Dixon

Hey guys, Reggie Dixon here writing you a guide on penis extenders.

Since I’m a gay man, and I say it proudly, I have a unique perspective on these products.

With 100% confidence I can say that penis extenders are especially for those men who are lacking confidence due to size with their partner.

It’s especially tough for gay men because when you’re having sex, you’re literally looking at your partner’s member and have to compare!

So what kind of results can you expect from penis extenders?

A .7 inch length gain in 16 weeks.

That’s a significant remarkable effect provided that of wanting to improve your penis size possibly the very thought was regarded as a waste of time.

That’s pretty good huh?

Penis Extender Results Revealed Through Amounts and Maps

Summaries of Penis Extender Results from Clinical Studies

Penis Extender Study Results – Before and After

Wearing Down Penis Extender Studies – The Attention-Beginning Proof

Concrete Information Proof that Penis Extenders Work

The first places to all these article summaries on the studies are related to inside the article.

How much do penis stretchers cost?

Unfortunately, extender devices are pretty expensive.

Some also go as large as $500!

They typically be more expensive than $200.

Sadly, there are fundamentally the exact same product with enhancement or no substantial creativity over the past two decades.

That’s, each of them consist of spring system, noose and the same rod.

They’re far and several in between while there are several minor variations from stretcher device to stretcher product.

Therefore ultimately, it doesn’t matter because all that matters is it’s power to hold your penis in a light, extended position for long intervals, which penis stretcher device you utilize.

If you should be searching for the least expensive extender, you may choose to read upon the different effects to do so.

If you’d like to try your hand at producing your personal homemade penis stretcher, take a look at this article – caution, that it is very hard to obtain right, along with the products are hard to come by.

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender – What is it? is one particular company that has addressed people’ issues with all of the pole-based methods.

While the penis extender systems are a pretty good first endeavor, even though they are doing have some non-zero price, there were absolutely improvements that we made to it to make sure that you could be successful.

Some of these factors are as follows:

Such that it can be used in public areas, the extender device has to be entirely hidden.

That is essential because given the necessity that the solution has to be worn for lengthy intervals (preferably 6 hours aday), using the penis traction must focus around your daily life not another way around.

Another situation could be the truth that a great number of parts are employed and the rod-based process is actually complex.

The reason being the PhalloGauge consists of only two principal parts of that take significantly less than 30 seconds to hold and lose combined.

Another issue with stretchers is the fact that they are known for moving down, specifically at the toughest times.

PhalloGauge addresses this issue using a versatile, supple silicone polymer wrap that completely melds and holds the bottom of the penis glans for a fantastic grip without squeezing the heck from your penis.

The PhalloGauge penis extender is simply glamorous! Even a gay man like me can appreciate it.

Sadly, most organizations out there are just looking to create a quick sale.

But not the PhalloGauge guys.

The PhalloGauge company is led by an expert medical doctor named Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD.

He has over 15 years of experience with men’s health issues so you know he knows what he’s talking about.

In fact, they’re practically giving their product away at such a low price of $85.99.

It’s quite a steal.

Before I forget, I want to include a link to buy the PhalloGauge penis stretcher, here:

Only at the PhalloGauge workforce, where we have lessons and full manual that period the whole subject of penis enlargement.

In fact, we are the sole firm that writes lessons and total books that will help you because we genuinely care about your success.

Notice, we discovered and honestly think that if we just handed to you a device, you’d probably crash (not realize any increases) on account of not enough assistance.

However, if we were to hand a penis traction to you and show you every move of just how then your odds of succeeding increase exponentially.

And of course that you will be prevented by us from generating self-destructive errors along the way.

You’ve an entire team of guys who experience genuine enhancement achievement behind you every action of the way.

By taking care of you, we are able to tell you exactly what changes you must be performing when on a penis enlargement regimen along with essential items that you should avoid doing because we’ve seen guys fail simply by doing certain things incorrectly in their entire voyage.

For example, here, we unearthed that some were better basically because of the novel style, and compared the professionals and cons of the finest penis stretchers in the marketplace.

And undoubtedly that some firms try and get you using whistles and the alarms, when all that should matter is operation and reality.

From Wearing Penis Extenders, what things to Assume

Now that you know how to hold the penis stretcher unit, what can you expect when wearing it?

After all, you’re going to need to use these points for hours every day.

How can the base part feel against your pelvis?

For all extenders, they have a bottom component that moves against your penis.
This component can be a foam cycle (as shown above) or even a rigid body.

As it is one of many pieces that is making connection with your body, you are able to assume that there will be some force put on your skin when this occurs of contact (Newton’s Third Law).

Newtons third law since it pertains to penis stretchers.
It requires to support itself only at that bottom part since the penis traction is implementing a stretching pressure.

For some people, this will be irritating or somewhat annoying.

Some folks could be more vulnerable towards the force put on the base of the penis length, in comparison with others. With many men is the fact that while they utilize the extender device more often nevertheless what we find, the force put on the bottom element wo n’t will adjust and eventually affects them.

Generally, if you apply a higher pressure, the force applied to the penis’ base may also be higher.

So here is what we recommend: if you should be a penisenlargement newbie, you should most likely not even focus on stretching for that first two days.

Take both of these nights to obtain used to carrying the unit. You can certainly do this by utilizing an extremely low-force that gives a stretch that is very gentle.

Next, gradually try and raise the anxiety while in the unit to the stage where you could use it for your proposed four hours each day.

Can penis extenders harm you?

Yes, if you’re not careful. They can give you edemas.

What’s an edema?

Some people can not also feel it once they have edema, so it is just noticed by them soon after they takeoff the unit.

Others feel just a little uncomfortable after carrying the penis extender for a very long time and they see the edema, touch it, and notice that that region feels sore towards the contact when they consider off it.

Based on google, it’s understood to be: “a disorder indicated by too much watery fluid collecting in the cavities or cells of your body.”

A typical example on the base of an edema blister
It form of appears like blisters that load with liquid from wearing uncomfortable shoes, that you may get.

If you don penis traction units, especially if you set the noose process too tight, you’ll observe that it looks like water will be captured in a small, bead-like place inside the penis’ glans.]

The good thing is that if an edema occurs, it is basically not and only temporary a permanent thing. It will disappear completely unlike edema blisters that you will get from shoes.

When you give your penile cells a little bit of time to relax and remove your penis extender unit, you then will find the edema disappears!

The Frustration of Penis Extenders

While not 100% totally unpleasant, it could be a bit frustrating with a people.

This results in that you’re strapping into the device in your penis too tight. While you secure the noose (for rod-based stretchers) or the silicon place (in case of the PhalloGauge Product S), then you are constricting your penile tissues.

This constraint is what contains the liquid as part of your penis and causes the edema to look.

While edemas are not perfect, they’re not the world’s end.

Something you can test will be to find the minimum rigidity that one may use to strap your penis in without it falling out. It is a smart way to reduce occurances of edemas.

However, the trade-off listed here is in case you move around a bit, that you may risk sliding from the system.

That is where playing and getting used towards the unit pays off.

However, this issue is solved by the Design S because the plastic place that is used to secure your penis into the product can actually extend and expand so there’s a qualification of mobility that allows a much better leads to: no slippage, ease, and reduced edema.

Should you applied a-rod-based penis traction product, be aware because they work with a higher durometer (harder, non-flexible) silicon noose which thinks a lot more like a tavern that clamps down on your penis in place of gripping it elegantly.

The actual stretching feeling that is believed within your penis shaft

Imagine doing a light leg stretch together with your knee.

Now try to translate that sensation within your muscle, but in depth to your penis base – that is what it is like.

It is not painful, in fact, some have even noted that it seems good – like with the Phallosan.

Generally, you may not experience any issues with the specific stretching of your penis.

This can be rather strange since you could assume any discomfort experience wouldbe about the the main penis that is experiencing the most of the power employed.

However, this is simply not the event plus it just visits demonstrate how flexible and adaptive the penis shaft ligaments are.

For those who have not acquired a penis extender unit, we recommend checking out the guide stretching penis workouts since this can give you a great idea of the way the stretch may experience if it is applied to your penis with the penis extender.

Issues and any pain stretching are as a result of common problems that people will make when performing penis enlargement, especially newcomers.

The precise common error here is overstretching from implementing a lot of power. Folks may think that they’ve to arrange their stretcher to take really hard on the penis to obtain results.

This mayn’t be more from your truth.

Truth be told, all you have to can be a light power applied for long periods of time, according to the Quick Extender Pro makers.

Stretching harder won’t do much for you, as well as in truth may stunt your expansion by toughening up your septum tendon too much – if that takes place it’s not going to react to extending desirably.

One way to tell if you are overstretching from a lot of power is if you experience a sharp pain anywhere inside your penis area. This goes for both penis extender units and manual penis stretching.

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