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The Best Penis Extenders – An In-Depth Review by M. Jones

By Monica Jones

Penis extenders are traction devices attached to a penis for a few hours each day with the goal of increasing penis size for sex.

The penis extender does this by stretching the penis to promote growth of penis-tissue through cellular-division known as hyperplasia.

The scientific explanation of penis traction is well-documented in medical records, clinical studies, and research documents.

The aim of this article is to review the top penis extenders out there in terms of results, cost, and comfort.

Let’s begin.

1st Place: PhalloGauge Extender

The number one penis extender on our list is the PhalloGauge extender.

It is a well established extender that was specifically designed to be the best in terms of results, cost, and comfort.

Doing a simple Google search will show you many user testimonials showing their before and after size results after using the PhalloGauge extender.

Not only that, but it is the least-expensive of all the top-tier extenders on the market and in this review. So it get’s the best rating for price.

It is made out of a comfortable foam ring, belt, and penis attachment that use completely soft materials that feel great on the penis.

It is so comfortable you can wear it well past the daily requirement of 4 hours each day.

If you want to quickly buy a the best penis extender, the PhalloGauge extender is a clear winner.

2nd Place: SizeDoctor Extender

SizeDoctor is one of the best devices, mainly because it is properly made and useful. Fortunately, it is built very well and not bulky at all.

The design of the SizeDoctor ensures one’s penis gets a thorough, comfortable stretch that will allow a user to wear it for 4 hours straight.

The SizeDoctor comes with many spare parts with a single purchased unit.

The SizeDoctor has a good reputation in the penis enlargement community so it is definitely worth your time and money if you decide to buy it.

3rd Place: Penimaster Pro Extender

Penimaster Pro extender device is built completely out-of plastic.

Because these device is wholly plastic it’s not only light, but a sturdy dual-rod style extender.

The Penimaster Pro is designed using the traditional method, employing tension by deploying spring-loaded rods.

This is not only a typical, but a popular way to extend the penis because this device is created of plastic and metal.

This extender is decent, but as mentioned earlier, there are better extenders if you’re looking for top-quality.

4th Place: Phallosan-extender

The PhalloSan Extender, a.k.a. the PhalloSan Forte is one of the newer extenders available for sale.

However, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s automatically the best penis extender.

How does it work? First it exerts tension via an elastic belt: A user wears it around their waist which then connects to a part that holds the penis tip.

The system isn’t very comfortable because the belt-system is built of a coarse, strange substance that’s similar to fleece.

It’s not soft like cotton, and some guys may feel irritation on the skin.

Plus, not to mention, the unusual method to wear PhalloSan while you slot your penis to the side from around the other side from the body – it is somewhat a novel approach.

The penis would always point to the side so if a user does gain any size you should be sure they are stretching both left and right.

5th Place: SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is made from a very hard plastic which is used for the glan support.

Unfortunately, this makes it pinch the tip (glans) of the penis every time one moves around.

The reason being, the SizeGenetics remains on these lower edge of the size gains spectrum, and therefore, your decisions will be extra conservative when considering this penis extender compared to other extender systems in this review.

These cost of SizeGenetics is also too pricy – not friendly for the typical male consumer. Finding a deal will be nearly impossible.

Last Place: Quick Extender Pro penis-extender

The Quick Extender Pro penis extender is the worst penis extender – don’t get it.

That being said, it is affordable; it offers three package options to choose, each with varying quality & performance – while still maintaining very strict clinical standards.

Thus, Quick Extender Pro can be ordered the easiest out of all the penis extender systems because it is so damn cheap.

It won’t create a twisted penis, nor cause soreness on the bottom of your cock by pinching the penis there.

It gives a decent stretch given that this device is priced at $119 USD according to the makers of this extender.

Quick Extender Pro can possibly be passed over despite the fact that it is built in these USA. A potential buyer is can expect to receive decent customer service.

The Verdict?

The very best penis stretcher out of all the ones we rated, and the one that truly deserves your business is the PhalloGauge Penis Extender.

It surpasses all other penis extenders by providing the proof of clinical results combined with legit user testimonials showing fantastic size gains.

If one have been searching online for a penis extender PhalloGauge and SizeDoctor are the best choices. Nonetheless, I reviewed all the popular ones as well.

The resulting list would demonstrate key-differences between the top penis extenders and the inferior ones at the bottom of this list.

This list has hopefully helped you decide which penis extender to buy.

Kind regards,