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How to Jelq – Jelqing Exercises Explained

How to Jelq – Jelqing Exercises Explained

By Reggie Dixon

jelqing demonstration

Hey guys, I’ve finally got around to explaining what jelqing is.

You’re definitely going to like the “size” results you get for that special body part once you master this penis enlargement exercise – jelqs.

I highly recommend checking out the guide by PhalloGauge Medical for jelqing results.

For a longer period of time, men have been tirelessly seeking out various methods of penis enlargement.

Jelqing is one of the most effective penis enhancement techniques, which does not need pills, nor any form of contraption.

Let’s fully explore jelqing.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is an effective physical therapy technique which increases blood circulation to the penis when the exercise is performed.

Jelqing is generally considered as all-natural method of penis enhancement basically, since it requires the use of your own hands by a repeated massaging movement.

The exercise naturally increases penis tissue size and thus increasing the size of your penis.

How to Jelq – The Proper Jelqing Technique

Jelqing exercise typically consists of wrapping penis with one hand around the base and then gently massaging upwards in controlled manner, and releasing just before the head of the penis.

This exercise is done repeatedly, with the other hand and alternating for a certain number of times.

example of jelqs

Jelqing is a powerful male enhancement method that is typically designed to draw more blood into the penile chambers, increasing penis tissue and thus allowing erection to get bigger and more powerful.

It is very important to know that penis has to be in a semi-erection state for the exercise.

This actually means that penis needs to have a 30% to 70% erection to yield success.

Lubrication is applied to the penis before the exercise and added thereafter during the exercise.

When penis tissue expands, the blood holding chambers is also expanded and thus holding more quantity of blood.

This process ensures thicker and longer erections.

Jelqing exercises are easy to perform and workout takes not more than 10 minutes in a single day.

This exercise can add you up to 3 inches to your penis within a short period of time if it is done properly and consistently.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you combine jelqing with herbal pills to provide a boost in blood circulation.

how to jelq which is what jelqing is

Is Jelqing a Viable Option for Natural Penis Enlargement?

Expectation from the exercise varies from person to person.

Generally these penis enlargement exercise increases the penis both in length and girth.

Jelqing is the most trusted penis enhancement option currently as compared to other product options.

It should be really noted that there is a split among different practitioners jelqing.

Therefore, some tend to have quick results for even shorter period while others take longer.

Some experiences small or insignificant changes. It is advisable to maintain jelqing exercise for a longer period to yield your expectation.

Additionally, significant gains usually manifest at least after a month and some practitioners claim success even after six months.

There exist many variables to the success including the time frame for experiencing penis growth gains.

Many men try to follow different programs for the exercise while having the same central theme, that is, the controlled and slow jelqing stroke move from base to head of the penis.

The main point for positive results is consistency and following good routine in doing the jelqing exercises, and also patience in allowing penis growth to occur is important.

Some jelqing programs allow supplements in form of natural herbs and also vitamins.

These supplements may add to the actual effectiveness.

Is Jelqing the Best Penis Enlargement Option?

Yes and no.

However, many men will want to know and understand exactly the kind of gain in both length and thickness expected from this exercise.

Luckily, almost every man has similar expectations which are the solid gain in length and thickness of the penis.

When jelqing is done properly with simple instructions being followed correctly to the latter, substantial results can be experienced almost immediately.

The best thing in this exercise is the real results that you achieve, mostly permanent results and results that are completely safe to your body.

As we know that many of the other products and techniques provide temporary results and often accompanied with side effects, but for jelqing, the result is permanent and there is no claim of side effects.


What is the Best Jelqing Routine?

You need to keep your expectations at an achievable level that they can be reasonably and simply met.

For example, if you have a 3 inch penis, it is likely to be impossible to result to 11 inch by jelqing or even any other available technique.

However, if your goal is to add a couple of inches, then is very much achievable by jelqing.

To do this, we highly recommend the following jelqing routine: 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

You can rest on the 7th day.

In most part, jelqing is an option that people use to build stretch and also exercise their penis to be the specific length and girth of their desires.

When the process is done correctly, there are actual significant changes you will be able to see within short period of time.

In conclusion, you should note that jelqing results are always permanent.

Therefore, as long as you do the process correctly you will achieve what you really wanted, and for any other process you are planning to use, it is crucial to choose the most natural and effective way.

Jelqing is an Exercise – Don’t Forget It.

Jelqing exercises are a natural penis enlargement technique.

But you have to understand that it is mostly an exercise.

Jelqing is just one of many ways to increase penis size naturally as explained by PhalloGauge doctors.

And with most exercises, you have to keep doing them over a long period of time in order to see results.

Jelqing is no different in that regard.

Not only that, but you need to make it apart of your lifestyle to maintain the results – just like regular traditional exercise.

7 Reasons Why Gay Men Love Anal Sex

By Reggie Dixon

Why do gay men love anal sex? It’s a question that hits straight (those who are not gay) people as well as other gay men as well like a landmine. What is there to like about anal sex? Rather, why go down that road?

In this article, I do not tackle the morality of the act but rather the reasons behind the act. So, an open mind for the reader will do.

First, let’s not make the erroneous assumption that all gay men love anal sex. I have encountered some who are put off by the same. It is said that, to know the truth, you must hold no opinions. So let’s put everything else aside and find out: why do gay men love some back door action? Here are seven reasons I found;

1. They are gay

“Well, it is rather obvious!” you think, but it is the fundamental reason. Come to think of it, being gay means you are a man who has an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/sexual attractions to men. This would logically make one prefer anal sex over vaginal sex.

Considering the fact that men have no vagina.

So we gotta put it somewhere, right?


2. Tighter rings

For those giving the action, they find the anal entry tighter which would mean more contact with the penis and therefore more pleasure. It gives strong sensations which lead to mind blowing orgasms.

It also produces a lot of stimulation on the glans, giving more pleasure.

I know it feels great, but everybody’s a little different.

3. Prostrate things

The prostrate is said to be the male G-spot; he genesis of undeniable pleasurable feeling.

Anal sex for the receiver is said to hit the prostrate, which, in turn produces a lot of pleasurable feeling which leads to an intense orgasm.

4. The King of the realm

Gay men who give their partners anal action receive a feeling of dominance.

This makes them feel in control of the relationship and is therefore a stroke on their ego. They say; Ego is the pride of men. The dominance makes them feel responsible for most of the work.

This feeling of being in control gives the a sense of worthiness, making them perform better and appreciate the act.


5. Down the dungeon

The fact that anal sex is deep, as some describe it, gives them a lot of pleasure thus they dive into the action.

It gives them more sensation and is therefore more satisfying.

6. Slide

Since the anal entry is not well lubricated, gay men use lubricants.

This makes it more slippery thus giving smoother action and therefore generating pleasure. On the other hand, it also makes them last longer since the grip is reduced.

The in turn prolongs the time for enjoying the pleasure keeping them satisfied.


7. Thug Life

There is something strange about finding pleasure in what is considered taboo.

The more you are not supposed to do it, the more you want it.

Most gay men find it an accomplishment to have done this.

“It gives the same thrill of a school girl sneaking to a party”, someone shared.

Below, are some of the comments received from some gay people about the sensations they received. The identities have not been given for privacy and personal reasons.

  • “It feels deep. Plenty of room to explore.”
  • “It is intoxicatingly tight.”
  • “There is something badass about it.”
  • “It makes me feel in control!”